The Agent Banking Company is regulated by the Bank of Uganda and is registered and licensed by the Bank of Uganda as a Payment Systems Operator under the National Payment Systems Act, 2020 and the National Payment Systems regulations, 2020.

The Payment System Operator License allows ABC to carry out the activities defined below.

1. Operate a transaction switch in respect of routing of payment transactions, authorization, and settlement request from merchants, acquiring and issuing banks.

2. Provide technology used in the provision of payments and settlement services.

3. Provide technology and devices used in provision of wallet, wallet-based money transfers including transfers to and from bank accounts, cash in and cash out transactions, cross-border payments or transfers, investment, savings, credit products, insurance, and pension products only with authorized banks, insurance, and pension companies.

4. Act as an aggregator or integrator in respect of merchant services.

5. Act as a processor of payments and collections transactions.

6. Provision of hardware and software to facilitate transactions.

7. Printing and personalization of electronic magnetic cards.

8. Facilitate inward international remittances services.

9. Facilitate merchant acquiring services.

10. Point of sale deployment.

11. Any other category that the central bank may prescribe